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Friday 29th & Saturday 30th March 2019
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham




Friday 29th March 2019

0830 Registration and coffee  
0900 Welcome Introduction Mr S Kalogrianitis
0905 Instability Dr J Tokish
0930 Remplisssage LIVE SURGERY – Mr S Kalogrianitis Miss J McBirnie, Dr J Tokish, Mr M Ravenscroft, Mr H Mullett
1000 Failed Instability latarjet, remplisssage Dr J Tokish
1015 Coffee break  
1030 Instability LIVE SURGERY – Miss J McBirnie Mr G Tytherleigh-Strong, Mr B Gooding, Prof D Tennent
1100 Discussion Mr R Gupta, Dr J Tokish, Mr B Gooding
1130 Latarjet LIVE SURGERY – Mr Graham Tytherleigh-Strong Prof D Tennent, Dr D Petre, Miss J McBirnie
1215 Lunch  
1300 Biologics in Cuff repair Dr M Klingenberg
1330 Panel discussion Dr D Petre, Prof D Tennent, Mr M Ravenscroft, Dr J Tokish
1400 Subscapularis Rotator Cuff LIVE SURGERY – Mr M Ravenscroft Mr G Tytherleigh-Strong, Prof D Tennent, Mr H Mullett
1445 Eclipse my experience Mr H Mullett
1500 Coffee break  
1515 Apex and Universal Glenoid LIVE SURGERY – Mr R Gupta Mr M Ravenscroft, Mr H Mullett, Dr J Tokish, Dr D Petre
1600 Key Note Lecture Dr J Tokish
1630 Surgical challenges and complicated cases with Fireside launch Mr G Tytherleigh-Strong, Mr S Kaligrianitis
1700 Close day 1  
1900 Fireside Evening Dr J Tokish, Miss J McBirnie, Mr M Ravenscroft, Mr G Tytherleigh-Strong, Prof D Tennent


Saturday 30th March 2019

0830 Coffee and Saturday only registrations  
0900 AC Joint Reconstruction Mr R Gupta
0915 AC Joint Reconstruction LIVE SURGERY – Mr S Kalogrianitis Mr R Gupta, Miss J McBirnie
1000 Rotator Cuff repair Miss J McBirnie
1030 Bicep pathology and treatment Mr R Gupta
1045 Subscapularis repair Dr J Tokish
1100 Coffee break  
1115 Rotator cuff repair LIVE SURGERY – Mr B Gooding Mr G Tytherleigh-Strong, Dr J Tokish, Prof D Tennent, Mr R Gupta
1200 Rotator cuff augmentation Mr M Ravenscroft
1230 Superior Capsular Reconstruction - my experience Prof D Tennent
1245 BAR Mr M Ravenscroft
1300 SCR Plus Dr J Tokish
1315 Lunch  
1400 SCR LIVE SURGERY – Prof D Tennent Miss J McBirnie, Mr G Tytherleigh-Strong, Prof D Tennent, Dr J Tokish
1445 SCR Discussion Dr J Tokish, Mr M Ravenscroft, Mr S Kalogrianitis, Prof D Tennent
1500 Coffee break  
1515 Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Dr D Petre
1530 Reverse Shoulder LIVE SURGERY – Mr M Ravenscroft Mr H Mullett, Dr D Petre, Mr R Gupta, Mr S Kalogrianitis
1600 Fracture reverse Dr D Petre
1615 FiberTape Cerclage Mr R Gupta
1630 Virtual Implant Positioning (VIP) Dr J Tokish
1645 Discussion Dr D Petre, Mr H Mullett, Mr S Kalogrianitis, Mr R Gupta
1700 Close  

Physiotherapy Breakout Session

Saturday 30th March 2019 – Lecture Theatre 2

1400-1405 Introduction Martin Holmes, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
1405-1455 'When is my patient safe to return to sport? – Lessons to learn from elite sport' & Questions Miss Gemma Parry, PhD Candidate, University of Salford / English Institute for Sport
1500-1550 'Shoulder management in the elite ParaSport athlete – fundamental approaches to the athlete with a disability' & Questions Paul Martin, Technical Lead Physiotherapist for Paralympic Sport, English Institute of Sport
1550-1605 Coffee  
1605-1655 'Atraumatic Shoulder instability: diagnosis and rehab – the view from Exeter!' & Questions Mr Peter Hamer, Extended Scope Physiotherapist, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
1655-1700 Conclusion and Feedback Martin Holmes University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

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Delegates during lecture
Closeup of tools
Swivelock biceps technique