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Friday 28th & Saturday 29th February 2020
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham



Friday 28th February 2020

08:30  Registration & coffee
09:00  Subscapularis Repair – A. Lädermann
09:15  MRI Examination for Rotator Cuff Tears – S. Choudhary
09:30  Small and Large Rotator Cuff Repair Options – G. Tytherleigh-Strong
09:45  Live Surgery – Rotator Cuff RepairM. Kent. Moderators: A. Lädermann, G. Tytherleigh-Strong, R. Gupta
10:30  Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation Protocols – D. Hyde
11:00  Irreparable Cuff/SCR Options – D. Petré
11:15  SCR & BAR Options & Decision Making – M. Ravenscoft
11:30  Live Surgery – SCRP. Monga. Moderators: D. Petré, M. Ravenscroft, A. Lädermann
12:30  SCR Rehabilitation Protocols – C. Miller
12:45  LUNCH – NanoScope and workshop
13:30  Patient Discussion & Live Examination – Irreparable Cuff Tear & Arthritis (Reverse Arthroplasty Options)A. Lädermann. Moderators: P. Monga, R. Gupta, R. Bowser
13:45  Live Surgery – Reverse with Virtual Implant PositioningD Petré. Moderators: A. Lädermann, M. Ravenscroft, R. Gupta
14:45  Experience with Reverse and Modular Glenoid System – A. Lädermann
15:00  First European Experience using the Virtual Implant Positioning System – D. Petre
15:15  Reverse Arthroplasty Rehabilitation Protocols – R. Bowser
15:45  Wrightington SCR Results Update – P. Monga
16:00  Live Surgery – Bursal Acromial ReconstructionM. Ravenscroft. Moderators: D. Petré, G. Tytherleigh-Stong, R. Gupta
17:00  Close
19:00  Reception drinks
19:30  Fireside Dinner in the Fry Room of The Edgbaston Park Hotel


Saturday 29th February 2020

08:30  Registration & coffee
09:00  Patient Discussion & Live Examination – Young Patient With Recurrent Instability, No Bone Loss (Instability Options)S. Kalogrianitis. Moderators: C. Cobiella, G. Tytherleigh-Strong, D. Hyde
09:15  Surgical Options for Bankart, Slap & Posterior Labral Tears – C. Cobiella
09:30  Live Surgery – InstabilityS. Drew. Moderators: C. Cobiella, G. Tytherleigh-Strong, M. Ravenscroft
10:30  Instability Rehabilitation Protocols – D. Hyde
11:05  Complex Instability – Dynamic Biceps Transfer – A. Lädermann
11:15  Bone Loss Surgery Options – Latarjet VS Arthro Bone Block Debate – C. Cobiella & G. Tytherleigh-Strong
11:30  Open Latarjet with Button Fixation Talk – D. Kotzamitelos
11:45  Live Surgery – Arthroscopic Bone BlockS. Kalogrianitis. Moderators: S. Drew, C. Cobiella, A. Lädermann
12:45  LUNCH – NanoScope and workshop
13:30  Exeter Eclipse Results Update – W. Thomas
13:45  Live Surgery – Anatomic ArthroplastyR. Gupta. Moderators: D. Petré, A. Lädermann, M. Ravenscroft, W. Thomas
14:45  Anatomic Arthroplasty Rehabilitation Protocols – P. Hamer
15:00  Final Discussion and Q&As
15:20  Close
Delegates during lecture
Closeup of tools
Swivelock biceps technique