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Friday 28th September 2018
Spire Manchester Hospital, Manchester



Registration 8.30am; Start 9am
Coffee break in morning and afternoon; lunch.
End time 5pm.

0850 Welcome  
0900 Decision making in the multi lig injury Pete Thompson
0915 Cadaveric Demonstration Pete Thompson
0945 Discussion  
0955 Primary Repair / Internal Bracing in Multi Ligament Knee Injuries Andreas Imhoff
1010 Cadaveric Demonstration Andreas Imhoff
1040 Discussion  
1050 Coffee  
1115 Managing MCL Injuries Rob Gilbert
1130 Rehab of MCL Injuries Jo Armstrong
1140 Cadaveric Demonstration Rob Gilbert
1210 Discussion  
1220 Lateral & Post-Lateral Corner Injuries Tom DeBerardino
1235 Rehab Dan Wright
1245 Cadaveric Demonstration Tom DeBerardino
1315 Discussion  
1325 Lunch  
1415 Consideration with PCL and PCL Multi-ligament Pete Gallacher
1430 Rehab of PCL injuries Jo Armstrong
1440 Cadaveric Demonstration Pete Gallacher
1510 Discussion  
1520 Coffee  
1550 Approach to Acute Quads and Patella Tendon Injuries Henry Atkinson
1605 Rehab of Quads / Patella Tendon Ruptures Dan Wright
1615 Cadaveric Demonstration Henry Atkinson
1645 Discussion  
1700 Close  

Subject to change

Inside the Mobile Cad Lab
Audience at Arthrex meeting
Arthrex exhibitor stand
The Arthrex Mobile Laboratory