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Friday 4th October 2019
Lord's Cricket Ground, London



Convenor: James Calder

0810 Registration  
0830 Arthrex welcome Richard Egington
0830 Welcome & Symposium introduction James Calder
0840 Syndesmosis – Current concepts James Calder
0855 Lisfranc Injuries  
    •  Plating has greater control, removal not necessary Rhys Thomas
    •  Suspensionary or screw fixation is the way forwards Tim Clough
0920 Lateral Ankle ligaments Injury  
    •  Open Brostrom my primary choice Callum Clark
    •  InternalBrace modification gives the head start Rhys Thomas
0945 Questions  
0955 Cadaveric Demo 1Moderator: Tim Clough  
  Syndesmosis Tightrope  
  InternalBrace lateral ankle (Rhys Thomas)
  Lisfranc plate (James Calder)
1055 COFFEE  
1115 PTTD FlatFoot – The spring ligament/Deltoid  
    •   InternalBrace, Augmenting the spring ligament repair Andrew Molloy
    •   ProStop, The mechanical block Callum Clark
    •   Addressing the deltoid James Calder
1145 Cadaveric Demo 2Moderator: Peter Rosenfeld  
  ProStop & MIS MCO (Callum Clark)
  InternalBrace (Tim Clough & Andrew Molloy)
1230 Difficult Cases (Presubmitted) (Panel Discussion) Peter Rosenfeld
1315 LUNCH  
1400 Acute Achilles rupture management & use of Biologics James Calder
1415 Cadaveric Demo 3Moderator: James Stanley  
  Percutaneous Achilles Repair System (James Calder)
  Mid-substance Speedbridge  
1505 Insertional/late Achilles Peter Rosenfeld
1520 Plantar plate repair James Stanley
1600 Cadaveric Demo 4Moderator: Timothy Clough  
  Complete Plantar Plate Repair Viper (James Stanley)
1645 Closing comments/end of meeting James Calder

Subject to change.

Live cadaveric workshop
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Live cadaveric workshop