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Saturday, February 3rd 2018
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham



Morning - Surgeons and Physios

Session 1 – Instability and Biceps

(Main aduitorium)
Moderators: Laurence Higgins, Matthias Flury, Graham Tytherleigh-Strong, Duncan Tennent

0830 Registration and Coffee  
0900 Welcome Introduction Mr Socrates Kalogrianitis
0905 Instability with/without bone loss Dr Laurence Higgins
0915 Live Surgery Pan Labral Instability Ms Julie McBirnie
0945 Q&A on surgery All
0950 ACJ Stabilisation Mr Duncan Tennent
1000 Proximal Biceps Tenodesis Dr Matthias Flury
1010 Live Surgery Proximal Biceps Tenodesis Mr Rohit Gupta
1045 Q&A on surgery All
1050 Coffee Break  

Session 2 – Rotator Cuff

Moderators: Laurence Higgins, Matthias Flury, Matt Ravenscroft, Julie McBirnie

1110 Rotator Cuff Repair Ms Julie McBirnie
1120 Live Surgery Rotator Cuff Repair Prof Len Funk
1200 Q&A on surgery and Discussion  
1205 Options in irreparable rotator cuff tears Dr Matthias Flury
1215 Collecting patient outcome data and the SOS system Dr Laurence Higgins
1225 Lunch  

Afternoon – Surgeons

Session 3 – RCR and SCR advanced techniques

(main auditorium)
Moderators: Laurence Higgins, Matthias Flury, Len Funk, Graham Tytherleigh-Strong

1315 Live Surgery Superior Capsular Reconstruction with InternalBrace Mr Matt Ravenscroft
1405 Discussion All
1410 RCR Advanced techniques Mr Socrates Kalogrianitis
1420 Decision making in massive rotator cuff tears Prof Len Funk
1430 Management of subscapularis tears Dr Laurence Higgins
1440 Live Surgery Subscapularis Repair/RCR Mr Duncan Tennent
1535 Q&A on above  
1540 Coffee  

Session 4 – SCR and SCJ

Moderators: Laurence Higgins, Matthias Flury, Duncan Tennent, Rohit Gupta

1600 Sternoclavicular Joint Arthroscopy and SCJ InternalBrace Mr Graham Tytherleigh-Strong
1610 SCR 2 year results Mr Duncan Tennent
1620 Live Surgery SCR knotless and soft technique Mr Socrates Kalogrianitis
1655 Discussion All
1700 Close  

Afternoon – Physios

Session 3

(Lecture Theatre 2)
Chair: Caroline Miller

1330 Introduction Caroline Miller
1340 Tips and Tricks: returning to sport post shoulder surgery Dr Ian Horsley
1410 Are suprascapular nerve blocks useful? Dr Emma Salt
1435 Questions All
1455 Coffee  

Session 4

1515 Early rehabilitation following shoulder stabilisation Deborah Williams
1540 Strength and Conditioning following shoulder injury/ surgery Allan McDonald
1605 Questions All
1615 Conclusion and Feedback Caroline Miller
Delegates during lecture
PushLock Brownson Stabilisation
Entrance to meeting
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